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INBOX: RE: name check

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From:  bruno bonne(
Date:   Tues, 15 Jul 2009

Good news and bad news.  Bad first, I haven’t been able to find anything on your ‘skovajsa’ except the translation:  Hide Yourself.  Not getting a good feeling about that.  Made my beard stand straight up.  Please take precautions if this is another fanger.

Good news:  The Memento is meant to stir if you cross paths with someone you’ve recorded before.  If I’m understanding the guardian notes I’ve collected so far, it activated the moment you came back in touch with it in this lifetime.  Heh, should be interesting to see what souls from former lives you run into.  Isn’t it often said you keep running into the same people over and over again?  Heh, i get that feeling from my landlady…think she might have been a guard when I was wrongfully imprisoned.  ha!  she tortures me the first of every month!

Seriously, the book moving on its own?  I only have the one life and I don’t recall it doing that so it must be working out an old soul of your acquiantance.  Hopefully friendly.  What was the name of that last fanger you dealt with?  Valkyrie or something?  Yeah hoping not him.  Your drawing on his page in the book scares me.

I’ll see if there’s anything else on the guardian tablet.  After I take my antihistamine.  It’s awfully drafty and dusty up there in the belfry.  why in god’s name did your last self decide to leave the tablet there?  I can’t figure out a way to get it out to protect it!  Or read it even.  Damn nusiance!


Bruno Bonne
Kasernenplatz 6
Postfach 74553
6999 Luzern 9
Universitat Luzern


Date: Thurs, 2 Jul 2009
Subject: name check

Bruno – another name to check:  Skovajsa.  I know, not much to go on but you’ve had worse. 

Also, the book stirred.  Flipped open on the desk to a blank page towards the back of the book.  Any ideas?