Who’s Who: Vampires

Use this Cast list to keep track of who’s Sophie’s met and what she knows…

Lauren Lyle:  Client, Female, Hollywood, CA.  Reported age: 148, Adult.  Vborn: 1861, North Carolina, age 22.  Hborn: 1839.  Horror strain: unknown.  Maker: unknown male.  Suspect only child.

Hollywood actress playing teenager on sitcom, originally contacted because of concern looking human on camera in a digital age.  Rating on Jugular Reflex scale: 4.  Human integration score: 8 of 10, deductions for low self image, non-human reactions to reflections (which fit in current Hollywood environment)

Prognosis: Good, exercises with mirror seem to be diminishing one irrational fear but recent emails seem to indicate some new phobia or conidition concerning past identities.  Further beliefs she somehow looks different than in the past, likely symptom of new condition or phobia.  Some facial analysis needs to be done with provided picture.  Provided referral to Skovajsa in Seattle through distant connections.

Associates: None known.

Skovajsa: Client, Male, Seattle, WA.  Occupation status unknown.  Age, Vborn, Hborn: All unknown.  Horror Strain: Carpathian.  Maker: Unknown.

Contacted for still unclear reasons, wanting to “know more about [himself].”  No assessments yet.  Observations: Emotionally distant or uninterested.  Exhibits some aspects like Aspergers..or antisocial personality disorder.   Seems to be acting out the Hollywood version of vampire more than his own personality.

Tracking Prognosis:  Unclear.  Areas of concern: interactions with humans feel stilted toward what use they are to him.  Additionally, use of abilities seem imprecise, instinctive, unmanaged.  Also, exhibits petulant, aggressive behavior.  Gueestimate age: late adolescence to early adulthood.  Probably just 100 yrs old.

Associates: None known.

Jesper:  Client, Male, Seattle, WA.  Occupation status unknown.  Age: OLD, Vborn, Hborn: All unknown.  Horror Strain: Unknown.  Maker: Unknown.

Contact made.   Companion made first contact because of vampire’s supposed dreams.  By association, expectation is vamp is quite old and experienced.  Dreams have not been recorded by vampires, this will be a first if real.

Tracking Prognosis:  Sun starved for sure.   Was completely fascinated by lemon.  Past out from ingesting juice.  Eyeballs glowed…from the inside.   Other traits: passive featherfall ability, almost passive control over Vox Compulsum (champagne bubbles and jasmine), super speed.  His fangs are longer, narrower than most seen, not part of canines.  Positive vampire, very alluring…but shows extremely poor judgement in training human companions.

Associates:  Morena Fourtenay, companion, several months.  Twitchy trigger finger.  Jealous.  Angry at being kept in the dark.

Valerian:  Past Client, Male, Last Known wheareabouts: Prague.  Age, etc: Who cares?  As long as he stays away from me!

Lucy and Maurice Burim:  Clients & Charges, Last Known Whereabouts:  Catalina 1510.  Age:  Unknown status, assumed dead Vborn:1467 Hborn: 1454 Albania.  Horror Strain: suspect Definitely Carpathian, but unclear.  Maker: Unknown vampire, killed during incident.

Able to ween them off human blood with no known complications: slow not non-exist aging.  Had been turned accidentally, still unclear how.  Suspect they had been drained and during fallout of battle, had feed on nearby vampire before being found by their mother.  Mother fled country with immediate family once it was known they were vampires.

I wish I could find them again.  Lucy claims to be able to completely shield herself from human and vampire alike (and seems to have at least one example).  Maurice’s, ur, kiss able to heal considerable damage as well as, um, charm.  Lucy concerned for what Maurice may be growing into.

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