About the Vampirony Sites

Vampirony is a fictional blog about a world where vampires need a support system too.  Enter Sophie Quinn, Vampire Psychologist, on her lives-long mission to make happy, healthy vampires functioning in their immortal world alongside our human one.

The story of Vampirony is spread across two blog sites: Vampirony and Box of Mementos.  Vampirony is blogged through the eyes of Sophie Quinn, the vampire psychologist, and is content directly from her words, her email, her phone, her case notes, her reference books.  Box of Mementos is a collection of content from other characters in the story, from news sources, also excerpts from Sophie’s reference materials, additional information to help fill out the story of Vampirony.

Throughout both blogs there are secret links, special references, and other errata to help fill out the experience.  It’s an experiment in serial writing, please leave a comment or two, constructive criticism is always welcome!



Vampirony is copyrighted by Stacie Benton 2008

Vampirony artwork by Denise Sakaki

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