Author’s Note: Editing Hiatus

Hello! Hope you’ve been enjoying Vampirony, the fictional tale of the Vampire Psychologist. The blog experiment that started 2 years ago to get me writing has morphed into enough content to now bind together in a more official capacity: a book!

I’ll be working for the next little well shoring up the different formats between Season One and Season Two so my lovely editor can focus on getting the story all neat and tidy for its first print edition.

In the meantime, for anyone wanting to get caught up or looking to start from the beginning, I’ve collected together all the blog postings in chronological order in low fidelity format pdfs for download.

Get them HERE!

I’ve also been keeping an inspiration board on the cool site Pinterest. Check out some ideas I have on casting, locales, and some spoilers for the next season on The Memento board. For some historical spoilers and imagery more specific to Darcie Sherbourne’s life, check out the Vampirony :1886 board.

And for a few spoilers. make sure to check out the recent Epilogue posting, available only online. Needless to say, things aren’t going to get any easier for our Vampire Psychologist. And keeping an eye out right here for updates!

Thanks so much!

Stacie Benton
October 2011

One Response to “Author’s Note: Editing Hiatus”

  1. I am so happy you are going to do a book! It will be a great read! Also so glad for the PDFs because …. I am a teensy lost! No quizes please! But what happened with the death scene at the start of season 2? I will investigate!

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