Author’s note: Big News for Season TWO!

If you’ve been missing the latest updates to the blog, you haven’t missed much.  The blog has been on hiatus but is ready for its summer season.  In preparation, the last assorted posts have been added in Vampirony: Volume 6, now available for download.  Want to start over from the beginning?  Visit the Publishing page to download all the posts, in chronological order from both Vampirony sites.

I’ve heard the feedback and Season Two will bring some big changes!  We’ll be moving back towards a more traditional, prose approach which will hopefully help newbies and avid readers alike follow along.  To keep the narration straight, I’ll start prefixing the beginning of the posts, rather than use up valuable title space.

Box of Mementos, the assorted stories of other characters and reference materials in the Vampirony-verse, has steadily grown in story importance.  Because of that, I’m consolidating the two story arcs into the Vampirony main site in hopes it will help readers savor the full experience of Vampirony, much like the Vampirony Volumes do.   I’ll continue to use the Box for Who’s Who’s, reference materials, homage, vampire/sci-fi errata, and other random author’s notes.

Thanks for all the support and looking forward to more excitement in Season two!!


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