Case Notes #13 – 4: Business Cards

Initial meeting with new vampire, Skovajsa, set up.  Man, these digs in Bellevue aren’t bad, despite the view of lots of cranes.  Although slight oversight, not making accomdations in Downtown Seattle since he wants to meet there.  Sure the mix up happened for some reason.

Got another referral, seemingly from someone who snagged one of the new business cards from the production floor.  This one is fascinating: a vampire thats dreaming.  First time in all my lifetimes I’ve ever heard of that.  Another strange twist…it was his lady friend that contacted me.  She didn’t want to tell me any more details than that.  Seemed keen to meet ASAP.  Well, when in Rome.  Set up a coffee talk for that, just in case the night meeting with Skovajsa runs late.  Meeting in the daylight for a consult.  Yeah first time for everything.  Will get my Belgian contact to run a background check on her.  I’m keen to call him Hercule.  🙂  Bruno won’t mind, considering his forte is background checks looking through decades old birth registers and the like.

Checked the Seattle papers, seems recently some vamp signs, but only within the last few months.  Seems to be a new vamp influence in the area.  Maybe one of these two is responsible for it.  Once I size them up and categorize them, should answer a lot.  Never handled two vampire consultations before but I remind myself…things happen in due time.

I do like the new business cards.  The logo is elegant…need to update my FB page with it.  That and Lyle’s last consultant.  Getting some more interest through the sites and blogs.  This new technology.  Don’t understand half of it.  Need to find an assistant, someone who gets this techie stuff.  I’m about history, not technology.

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