Case Notes #13 – 4: Seattle


New case, first in Pacific Northwest.  Anything to get me out of LA.  Nothing’s worse than a vampire worried about gaining 10 lbs on screen.  Well, except one worried about her complexion.  There’s just no easy way to work through bad self image with a vampire.  Umm, look in the mirror??  4 tough months later, I think the new star on a not-to-be named Fox dramedy will easily be able to be the 25 yr old playing the 16 yr old for a long long time…YAY, syndication!!

Admit with the move, I felt both excitement and a certain amount of unease and when I saw all those tall majestic trees as we came through the clouds and circled the Space Needle, I could pour most of that excitement into a box of “here’s something new.”  But not all of it.  need to understand that.  The unease?  Completely clueless on that.

Skovajsa…what kind of name is that?  I suspect he’ll introduce himself with a flourish of his arm and declare himself a One Named Diety, like Cher or Madonna.  Vampires…what drama queens!  If I have to hear “I am Vampire” as if it explains every weird quark and bad behavoir, I may prescribe myself some anti-psychotics….if I could prescribe meds.  boy, that’d be useful.  Not for vamps…but for cohorts and companions.  Those are the ones to look out for.  They’re wound tighter than their immortal masters.

This guy was so vague and generic on the phone…I might as well be on an eHarmony date.  Hi, I’m Skovajsa.  I am Vampire.  I drink blood and am allergic to garlic.  I’m more of a night person and dig hanging out outside clubs to hit on unsuspecting drunk chicks.  I don’t smoke and prefer non-religious types (unless I’m wanting to stick it to the Man).  No dogs or cats.  I’m looking for a mate who has a certain moral flexibility and believes in forever.

Yeah, that sounds like the kind of guy I’d go for.  *sigh*  Please, just not another vamp who would stare at himself all day if he could.  Or night, as it were.  Couldn’t this time, I just found one who’s a bit more…alive?

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